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Coming Soon! Free Market Elections in Your Electorate

GOP 2016 Presidential hopefuls raced to mega-billionaire Sheldon Adelson's Venetian hotel and gambling complex where he was hosting the Republican Jewish Coalition in an attempt to get the 80-year old mogul's eye and hopefully secure campaign funding.  Recently, on the Senate Floor Harry Reid commented, "Senate Republicans are addicted to Koch" leading to a rigorous


2013: A Year in Review

We're back!  Ring in 2014 with Fred and Marg!  Fred and Marg will be looking back at the abysmal year of non-productivity by our duly elected Congressional representatives, celebrating remarkable moments featured on our Wall of Fame and sadly shaking our heads at our considerable lengthy names on the Wall of Shame. Please join us


Nelson Mandela and the Palestinian Cause

Nelson Mandela stood as the symbol of the anti-apartheid movement build on the belief of equality of all of mankind, regardless of race. With his passing on Thursday, December 4, 2013 the world is less, yet his fight for human rights lives on through his words, his actions, his resistance. In the post Apartheid world,


Feeding the monster…while we were sleeping…

While we were sleeping, we were stripped of our civil liberties, constitutional rights, personal wealth and political power.  While in a stupor induced by frenzied conspicuous consumption, we allowed our government to sell out our interests to global corporatocracy.  We reveled in the lower prices that followed free trade without the realization the devastating cost

Soul Sisters: Tea Party Activist “Carla Danger” Goes to Washington


Tea Party Activist Carla Danger (her pseudonym to protect her privacy) recently was approached by Michelle Obama’s personal executive assistant. Carla, who is very active fighting for liberty, justice, the rights of the unborn, the 1% and let’s face it,

Insanipalooza, The CPAC 2014 Circus Has Come to Town


The traveling circus is back in town, unloading the clown car and descending down, yet another, rabbit hole,  this time in their own playground, Washington, D.C.   This time around we have Mitch “I want to save my Senate seat” McConnell

Obamacare & the GOP: A Dog with A Bone


Five months that have passed since the Obamacare exchanges have rolled out, yet the GOP obsession with Obamacare hasn’t dissipated at all.  The website is fixed, people are getting on the exchanges., yet in the land of GOP hubris and

Down the Rabbit Hole with the Go-Baggers

“Well that was the silliest tea party I ever went to! I am never going back there again!”                                             

Marsha Blackburn, This Week’s Resident Idiot of the GOP

The first person that leapt to mind when contemplating the biggest GOP-agger a-hole was Ted Cruz until I listened to Marsha Blackburn [R-Tenn.] on MSNBC.   Ms. Blackburn voted against legislation to re-open the government which denied 800,000 federal employees

Our Folly…Aspiring to be what we deplore


Whenever I read Chris Hedges, two things happen simultaneously.  I become depressed, which my husband refers to as my doom and gloom mode, and along with the depletion of spirit, I am also hugely relieved to know that I am

Fallen Nation: Trayvon Martin Case, Justice Denied

The havoc wreaked in the immediate aftermath following the George Zimmerman acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin may be more damaging to race relations than the acquittal itself. Since the acquittal, many have denied of the existence of racism

Detroit: A Modern Tale, Death of the Middle Class, Part I

Michigan Central Station

I live 10 minutes away from Detroit. Hop, skip and jump across the pond and there I am.  Other than the city I live in, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, there is no city that I am spent more time in while